Vocal and piano arrangements - accompaniments and backing tracks for many of the
best known folk songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Beside each of the names of the songs is a code as to what arrangements are available
V for Vocal, P for Piano Solo/Duet and B for Backing track / accompaniment


Ae Fond Kiss - VB Cockles and Mussels (Mollie Malone) - VB
Ca' The Yowes - VB Danny Boy - VB
Flow Gently Sweet Afton - VB Down By The Salley Gardens -VB
John Anderson My Jo - VB The Lark in the Clear Air -VB
Logan Braes - VB The Minstrel Boy -VB
My Heart's in the Highlands -VB When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - B
Oh My Love is Like A Red Red Rose -VB  
Scots Wha Hae -VB Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes - VB
Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie -VB Early One Morning - VB
Till Jamie Comes Hame -VB Scarborough Fair
Ye Banks and Braes -VB  
SCOTTISH FOLK All Through the Night - VB
Barbara Allen - VB Men of Harlech - VB
Over the Sea To Skye (Speed Bonnie Boat) - VB  
The Water is Wide - VB OTHER COUNTRIES
  Waltzing Matilda - B
  Shenandoah - VB
Burns Night - 25th January       St David's Day - 1st March         St Patrick's Day - 17th March
                       St George's Day - 23rd April              St Andrew's Day - 30th November  

The Water Is Wide - arranged for 2 pianos by Ian Rae  

Danny Boy Played with 2 Fingers - Free sheet music download Here